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1944 Czechoslovakian Letmo 1 - 24cc (1.358 cu in) spark ignition engine.  One of the largest early European engines built.  Designed by Josef Sladky.  Very few known to exist today.  This example belongs to Takashi Ozone in Japan

Adrian's Model Aero Engines - Site contains complete histories on an extensive number of engine manufacturers, along with photos of most. Also technical articles for those who like to build their own engines. Generally a whole lot of information about all phases of the model engine. Including a blog section for asking questions of your fellow engine fans.

The Internet Craftsmanship Museum -
The "Art" of great craftsmanship showing some of the most fantastic examples of model building of all types and sizes.

Model Engine News -
Model Engineering and Model IC Engine Projects.  Informative views of various IC engine building projects.

Society of Antique Modelers International - Governing body for the Old Timers model airplane events. Publishes six issues per year of "SAM SPEAKS" giving contest results and stories about famous old time modelers.

Model Engine Collectors Association - Governing body for model engine collecting world wide.  Publishes six issues of the Bulletin each year.  Contains wanted and for sale items as well as stories about collectors and their interests.

Academy of Model Aeronautics -
Governing body for all forms of model aviation in the United States and is the American Representative of the world body for all aviation, the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI).


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1947 Orwick 23 Sea Fury .15 Twin Outboard Bunch Tiger Aero 1971 Kendel Twin Profi 6.65 Sabre-250-Mk1