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In 1971 Ken B. Turocy and Gene Dellisanti decided they wanted to produce a model engine.  Not just any model engine, but a good running opposed twin.

The engines featured a nicely sand cast crankcase and cylinders.  The case had "KENDEL" cast on the left rear side and "ELYRIA O" on the right. Radial mounted with dual Perry carburetors. 

Early engines featured OS .60 cylinders and pistons, but most used piston/cylinder units from K&B. Giving it a total displacement of 1.2 cu. in. The last of these also featured forged connecting rods.

A black anodized finish on the case and heads gave a very nice appearance.  Mufflers, also anodized black were offered as an accessory and are pictured here.

Five spark ignition engines were also built on special order.  These were basically identical to the glow version, except for finish and, of course the addition of a timer.

The case and cylinders were left a natural aluminum and the heads, prop washers and timer assemby were anodized a bright red.

At the 2007 MECA EXPO, Darrell Peugh, as a part of his magnificant display, showed a variation to the Kendel Engine theme.  This one is much like the top photo, but has gold anodized heads.

This also illustrates that these engines were mostly hand built and as such can have variations from engine to engine.

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