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Davies-Charlton Ltd,, were founded in Barnoldswick, where they produced the “Wildcat” 5cc and D-C 350 diesels.  The “Rapiers” were made on the Isle of Man; as were all subsequent D-C engines.  When Davies-Charlton ceased trading, their works manager Bill Callow took over the remaining parts and made engines under his company name of Dav-Cal at the Loop in Douglas, IOM.  The final company was Ewdec, Ltd. in Douglas up to the time they became extinct.

The Isle of Man is part of the British Isles; but is not part of the United Kingdon.  It has its own laws and government, etc.

Note:  This is not a complete listing of the Davies-Charlton engines. Only a cross section.  We would welcome input from collectors of this very interesting and colorful line of engines.

1951 D-C 350 Mk II

3.5cc (.21 cu in) Diesel.  The Mk II version was almost identical to the first type, but had 6 head screws instead of 3.  Originally equipped with a plastic backplate mounted fuel tank.  Very popular and powerful in its day. 

It was also produced in December of 1951 as a glow plug engine and featured a red painted head.



1957 2.5cc Rapier Mk I

First production was in 1957 with a green anodized cylinder muff as pictured here.  The needle valve was brass and most had an as cast finish on the case.

The “Rapier”, mainly made by Davies-Charlton Ltd., was produced intermittently over many years.

1973 2.5cc Rapier Mk II

Later production changed to a blue anodized cylinder muff and was equipped with a muffler.

Front view of this model is pictured in the heading


2.5cc Rapier Collectors Model

These were much like the Mk I version, but with a green spinner nut and aluminum needle valve.  The crankcase has a matte vapor blast finish.

1954 BAMBI Diesel .009 cu in. - .15cc

Pictured engine is from Edwec Ltd and features a heavily blasted case finish.  Original Bambis have an as cast finish.  At .15cc, the Bambi qualifies as the smallest model engine to be mass produced, being just a tiny bit smaller than the Cox TeeDee .010. 

Other tiny engines were not produced in the quantities these two engines were.


1959 DART Diesel .037 cu in. - .5cc

Originally produced under the Allbon name this was one of several designs brought under the DC Ltd name in the mid-1950's.

Original engines featured a plastic tank and an as cast finish  on the crankcase.

The pictured engine was build by Dav-Cal and has a metal tank, matte finish case and a spinner nut.  Engine is also equipped with the "Quickstart" wind back spring starter.  Shortly after its introduction the entire D-C line became known as Quickstart.

1957 SPITFIRE MARINE Diesel .0605 cu in. - .99cc

Origninally produced in 1957 this was another of the Allbon engines.  This is a second version with the round streamlined plastic tank.  First engines had a cast tank that mounted to the rear case screws.  The aircraft versions had a blue anodized cylinder muff.

Only a small number were produced in the pictured marine configuration.

1955 SABRE MARINE Diesel .0909  cu in. - 1.49cc

Another of the Allbon adoptees.  The aircraft version featured a red anodized cylinder muff.


1958 TORNADO TWIN .297 cu in. - 5cc

Probably Davies-Charlton's grandest undertaking.  Opposed cylinders fed by a single carburetor through front and rear shaft rotary valves.  It was one of the smoother running twins.  Production is believed to be around 100 units.

Packaged in a unique three cornered box it had an appeal not seen in most of the other D-C engines.

Unusual to find an example without the venturi being trimmed down.





More to come, tune in regularly.





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