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Dan Calkin model engine book
Dan Calkin and his Elf Engines


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Dan Calkin and his Elfs
first small production engines for model airplanes
(He never called them Elves)

Dan Calkin manufactured the first small production engines for model airplanes and made the world's first one-quarter inch spark plugs for them.  He specialized in multi-cylinder engines, including twins, fours and even six cylinders.

The surviving prototype and experimental engines are shown, as well as all twenty three models of the ELF production engines.  Each engine model is fully described with text and photographs.  Every part is shown with all its changes.  Most of the tooling used to make the engines still exists and is documented through photographs.

The complete history of this fascinating line of model engines as written and researched by John J. Brown.

This book covers not only the engines in remarkable detail, but the life of Dan Calkin himself.

complete history of  Dan Calkin model engines

complete history of  Dan Calkin model engines

Sample pages from this book listing all variations in manufacturing, the progression of these changes between models and all twenty-three models of Elf production engines.

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